Let's get decorating!

We (obviously) love decorating! While the store is so fun we have ventured out and started going to clients homes so we can help bring their vision to life! Sometimes it is hard to find the right pieces for your home. When we come in, we will see what your style is or what you are looking for, take some pictures and head back to search and order some pieces that will fit your home perfectly. We can't wait to help you decorate your home!

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Home Styling Blog

Within this blog you will see homes that we have went to and decorated. We understand that sometimes it is just hard to visualize what you want or just simple do not have the time for it. We love seeing customers houses and seeing the joy it brings them when they have decor that reflects them! Click the button to check it out!

To the blog!

Details and Pricing

Pricing on Home Styling

There is a $75 charge for us to come to your home. You will also be responsible for paying for the items purchased to go into your home.

In Home Styling Details

First, we will visit your home, listen to your wants and needs along with taking measurements and photos. Once we know your style and what you are looking for, we will pull some ideas together for your house. We encourage customers to have an open mind about what we are thinking about doing with their space. While we will incorporate new pieces, we will also try to use some of your existing pieces as well. Also keep in mind that what you see in store will not always be placed in your home. We may pull pieces from the store but we will also venture out and find different items for your home as well!