We are so glad you found us! We are a home decor store located in Fort Recovery, Ohio. We specialize in curating beautiful spaces by carrying a wide variety of decor pieces. We carry many different styles, accommodating every individual's wants and desires. Our team members are in store and ready to help find your perfect style!


Here is a couple frequently asked questions/ helpful tips to get you started!

Q: What is the style right now?

A: We are seeing a big boom, right now, in Vintage Styling. Golds, Browns, Creams, and warmer tones. Lots of pattern and timeless looks. Moody vibes, traditional shapes, and dark wood stains are taking over the design space. However, we find most customers aren't always ready to jump into a totally different style, so we pride ourselves on being able to mix and match different styles. This creates the perfect space for each individual.


Q: I have a big space, do I have to buy the whole store?

A: NO! The most simple of pieces are often what make the biggest statements in a home. We recommend looking for a large piece that pops out to you. This will be a piece that stays in an area for quite a while. Most of the time these pieces will be the starting point for your design space. Use a classic piece, such a large mirror or artwork, and accessorize with other trendy items around it. That being said, collage walls (specifically picture collages) are making a big comeback. Using different sized frames, whether the same style or different styles, to fill up a space can make a big statement. Fill these frames with beautiful vintage artwork, go classic with pictures of your loved ones, or do a combination of both! Top off the space with some scone lighting to fit the vibe. 


Q: Okay, you've convinced me to come in. Can I just show you a picture of my space?

A: Absolutely! We encourage this! Bringing in a picture of your space can help both of us visualize and come up with a better idea of what you truly want in a space. Whether it is a wall or a whole room, we can give you many different ideas based on your style preferences. Bring in your inspiration pictures too! This can give us a better idea of the style you are going for! When you come to visit, you might notice that we ask you a lot of questions about yourself. This is so we can get to know not only your style but who will be in and out of your home. We want to help you create not only a beautiful space but a functional one! We might recommend one item over another based off your lifestyle.


We hope to see you soon!


*pictures included are examples and not our own*


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