How To Decorate a Mantel

How To Decorate a Mantel

Hi Everyone! Today I will be teaching you 'How To Decorate a Mantel'. This is a very fun part of your home that you can change and mix around each season or even just when you feel like it! Attached is a photo that has been posted to our social media so you can see a visual of what the mantel may look like. We also have a video posted about this photo to give you a visual of what I am talking about! 

To start off, I like to start with a good base. In the photo it shows me using two taller items to make a statement before adding more pieces. When adding these bigger statement items you will want to make sure that they don't have any words because it will most likely get covered up with another item. I usually do something simple with a neutral color so I can continue using the piece even if I decide to change it up. If I want more of a "WOW" effect, I would add a mirror as well and center it to my other statement items. Again, keeping this neutral so I can continue using it for a long time. 

After that I would start off with a larger layering item. This could be a clock or a sign or a picture for you to display. Here is where you can make you mantel fun, maybe add some color or bring out your personal style. These items will most likely be changed out more often than your statement items so have fun with it! In the photo I place a clock as my larger layering item because it was neutral and gave some good height. I would place this item off to the side so not everything is centered. Here is where you could add another (smaller) picture and offset it from the other one. 

For the other side of my mantel I would add some kind of candles. It is no secret that we LOVE our candles and mirrors here so this would bring the place together and make it more cozy as well. For the candles I would make sure to have some height variations in them so it allows more contrast between the space.

And lastly, I would add some florals or greenery! Something so simple but makes all the difference in the world! The greens/florals allow for those awkward spaces to be filled. It is also a great way to brighten and liven up your space. Using just a couple stems and change your space completely!

It is important to remember, that when decorating you will most likely not get it perfect or how you want it on the first. When we decorate here in the store we just play around and see what we like best! 


**Pictures below are not A Simple Touch images**

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